Jack Napier was the mentally insane husband of the late Jeannie. He was also the father of the late William and Lillianne. The Joker was the boyfriend of Harley Quinn before being shot and killed by Chris Allen in Finale.

History Edit

Before the Show Edit

Approximately 12 years before the show, Jack Napier met Jeannie on the streets of Gotham. Together, they got married and had a child, William, not even a year after marriage. Two years later, they had Lillianne. When William was eight and Lillianne was six, Jack learned Jeannie was pregnant again. Jack also learned that the family was going into poverty. Not wanting a poor future for his children, Jack got into business with the mafia and became their bank robber, the Red Hood. As the Red Hood, Jack hit up many banks in Gotham gaining recognition from the media. However, Jack was almost caught and the police learned that the mafia was behind the attacks. In turn, the mafia came to Jack's house and murdered his pregnant wife and children in front of Jack. Jack then murdered the hitmen and declined into insanity. Jack continued his business as the Red Hood, though much more mercilessly. However, an encounter with the police at Ace Chemicals, caused Jack to fall into the vat of acid. Jack emerged, crazier than ever and with his new colorful look became the Joker. The Joker was Gotham's first supervillain, and was the starting point for many of the other supervillains to emerged in Gotham.

Season 1 Edit

Personality Edit

Jack Napier was a kind and loving husband and father. However, one his wife got pregnant a third time, Jack realizes they were slowly decreasing into poverty. To overt this he became the bank robber, the Red Hood. However, he messed up on the job and the mafia murdered his pregnant wife and two kids in front of him, causing him to become the ruthless Joker.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Psychopathic Nature: The Joker has a tendency to kill whoever he doesn't like.
  • Ruthlessness: The Joker would kill anyone to get vengeance for his family.

Family/Friends* Edit

  • Jeannie†: Jack's wife.
  • William†: Jack's eight-year-old son.
  • Lillianne†: Jack's six-year-old daughter.
  • Harley Quinn: Joker's on-and-off-again girlfriend.
  • Riddler: an ally of the Joker's.
  • Ra's al Ghul: although varying, Ra's has helped the Joker before.

*1 Friends/Allies must have appeared in the eight season

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