The eighth season of NBC's The Batman premiered on November 16, 2015. It concluded on May 2, 2016.

Season Eight
"New Allies, New Enemies"
Seasonal Information
No. of Episodes: 13
First Aired: November 16, 2015 - March 8, 2016
Premiere: "Return of Zod"
Finale: "Finale"
Season Chronology
Previous Season: Season 7
Next Season: None


After Jason's destruction of every majorly populated city in the country the government has quarantined Gotham to ship the supervillains off to a place where they can't cause destruction and evacuating the citizens. Clark Kent is presumed dead and reporters Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen have convinced the public that Superman is on an other-worldly mission. Bruce has gone missing and Tim is still mourning over Stephanie's death. Old villains return as many villains continue to be shipped off to another prison until the ultimate plan is uncovered.




Ser. Nom Sea. Nom Title Airdate Villain(s)
92 1 Return of Zod November 16, 2015 Zod
93 2 First of Many November 23, 2015 Two-Face
94 3 Army November 30, 2015 Bane
95 4 Get Down December 7, 2015 Dane Hendrix
96 5 Last Riddle December 14, 2015 Riddler
97 6 Worries March 14, 2016 Poison Ivy
98 7 Return of Croc March 21, 2016 Killer Croc
99 8 Unknown March 28, 2016 Man-Bat
100 9 Return of Medusa April 4, 2016 Medusa
101 10 Crazies April 18, 2016 Mad Hatter
102 11 Return of Junior April 25, 2016 James Jr.
103 12 Romance of a Lifetime May 2, 2016 Harley Quinn, the Joker
104 13 Finale May 9, 2016 Two-Face, Bane, Riddler, Poison Ivy, Killer Croc, Man-Bat, Medusa, Mad Hatter, James Jr., Harley Quinn, the Joker

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